With Father’s Day just around the corner, we thought we’d lend a helping hand to those of you struggling for ideas (which traditionally is most of the population; men are notoriously difficult to buy for). And specifically, we wanted to alert you to what NOT to buy for your dad if you want to be considered an AWESOME daughter/son from here on.

  1. Don’t buy him something that he will consider “work”. Depending on your dad, this could be a gardening manual, a cookbook, a tool kit, or a car-cleaning kit. Gifts are about pleasure and enjoyment, not things he considers a chore.
  2. Don’t buy him something that says, “You need to lose weight/get fit”. A gym membership, a rowing machine or a heart  rate monitor will not get his day off to a happy start.
  3. Don’t buy him something that conflicts with his personality. For example, a sky-diving voucher if he’s a nervous type or a mystery flight if he’s a confirmed homebody. This will just make him feel inadequate (see 2 above).

Instead choose something personal and thoughtful that suits his interests and tastes. See below for some of our best-selling gifts for men – there’s something for every dad.

Awesome gift ideas for Father’s Day

Father's Day gift ideas

  1. ‘Mr Men’ mug, $24.95
  2. Native Union monocle revolutionary speaker, $79.95
  3. ‘Everyday’ face wash, $38
  4. ‘Newcastle’ typographic print, from $39.95
  5. Ceramic chef’s knife in lime, $109.99
  6. ‘C’mere hand’ hook, from $99.95
  7. ‘Rosco C2’ recycled skateboard sunglasses, $195.95
  8. Navy & white spotted bamboo socks, $15.95
  9. Fridge magnet bottle opener, $49.95
  10. ‘Green and gold’ raglan sleeve tee, $65
  11. Lambretta ‘cesare’ black & gold watch, $169.50
  12. ‘Ocean’ trunks, $44.99

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