Father's Day gift ideas for gadget geeks

Spec-tech-ular gift ideas for gadget-loving dads

Is your dad a technological whizz? Or at least thinks he is? For Father’s Day this year, help him get his gadget fix with these great gift ideas. From foldable headphones to portable smartphone battery chargers, he’ll be in gadget heaven quicker than he can say “Nikola Tesla”.

  1. Felt jacket for Kindle, Kobo or Sony e-reader, $49.95
  2. Wired on-ear foldable headphones, $249.95. So he can be as cool as you!
  3. Personalised ‘key’ USB drive, $79
  4. ‘Test pattern’ t-shirt, $55
  5. ‘Watch movement’ cufflinks, $129.95
  6. ‘Power-on-the-go’ portable smartphone battery charger, $39.99
  7. ‘Albergo+’ bluetooth digital table radio, $429
  8. ‘Nanda clocky’ alarm clock, $89.95. Runs away when you don’t get up!
  9. Pocket-sized ‘jump’ cable charger and battery, $59.95
  10. iPhone 5/5S battery case, $79. Charges your phone while in its case.

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