Sant and Abel

‘Sleepwalk’ director Tim Bathurst and producer Sophie Lovejoy

Sydney sleepwear brand and hardtofind. seller Sant and Abel have been walking alongside the likes of major brands Sony and Nike at this year’s Cannes Lions Awards, which recognises creativity in advertising. Directed by Tim Bathurst, their video ‘Sleepwalk’, a girl meets boy story with a cheeky twist, was recently nominated for the Young Director Award. Sophie Lovejoy, Sant and Abel CEO and founder, shares her excitement, “This is our second consecutive nomination and both times we have been absolutely ecstatic”. Don’t take our word for it, check out the cool video below.

Tips for the perfect night’s sleep

Do you sleepwalk like Helena Vestergaard in the video? Perhaps you toss and turn all night? Either way, there’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning having had a restless night’s sleep. Here are our top three tips to help you sleep better:

  • Keep the screens out of the bedroom. As hard as it may seem, make your bedroom a screen-free zone, and yes, that includes your mobile phone.
  • Create a bed time routine. Make a bedtime routine so your body understands it’s time to sleep, and try to keep it consistent every night.
  • Keep calm and feel sleepy. In the half hour before trying to sleep, make an effort to calm your body down. Have a warm shower, make a cup of tea, listen to some soothing tunes or try meditation.

Bedtime essentials

Sant and Abel sleepwear

1. ‘Circle’ bedside table in aqua, $470
2. ‘Barry’s day out’ men’s sleep shorts, $49.95
3. ‘Clive’s eye’ men’s boxer shorts, $45
4. ‘Nammos’ women’s long sleeve shirt, $55
5. ‘Fontelina’ green pyjama pants, $55
6. Yellow ‘chevron & cross’ cushion, from $44.95
7. Maison blanc lavender & verbena soy candle, $44
8. ‘Santorini sunset’ men’s sleep shorts, $34.97
9. ‘Fontelina’ yellow camisole, $49.95
10. ‘Fontelina’ pink sleep shorts, $49.95
11. ‘Iris Apfel’ women’s boxer shorts, $27

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