Watch this space: watches to suit every wrist

Whether you’re looking for a watch to make a fashion statement or for one that will satisfy your everyday needs, we’ve found the latest watch trends for men and women. 

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Metallic watches exude understated luxury, making them a great gift for special occasions such as 21st birthdays, anniversaries and retirements. Gold and silver watches look great teamed with a business suit, but work equally well paired with a more relaxed chinos and loafers combo. If you want to tone down the “heavy metal” look but still make a fashion statement, choose a metal-faced watch with a leather or fabric band.

1. ‘Raven black Nevil’ watch, $329
2. ‘Stirling steel Nevil’ watch, $385
3. ‘Gold Lansen Chrono’ cognac classic watch, $385
4. ‘Stirling Lansen Chrono’ stainless steel mesh watch, $385
5. ‘Rose Lansen Chrono’ brace watch, $385
6. ‘Midnight Niben’ watch, $279

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If you want a watch that does more than just tells the time, these accessories are for you. Ranging from those offering time and date function to digital watches with the whole multifunctional package of alarm clock, stop watch and lap timing, they’ll keep you on time every time.

1. ‘Ilparana’ watch, $69.99
2. ‘Polygon’ watch, $99.99
3. Pressure dive watch in orange, $169.99
4. Wewood ‘alpha’ Indian rosewood watch, $149
5. ‘Hurricane Niben’ brown classic watch, $279
6. ‘Binary’ watch in orange and grey, $40
7. Metal black and white ‘luminex’ watch, $39.59

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The latest trend in women’s watches right now is layers. Wrap-around straps are the perfect watch and accessory in one. If you have a metal watch, layer it with leather and fabric bracelets, and vice versa with leather bands to metal bangles.

1. Leather wrap bracelets, $45 each
2. ‘Rose Lansen chrono twist’ watch, $385
3. Lambretta ‘cielo’ gold mesh watch, $179.50
4. Olivia Burton big dial rose gold bracelet watch, $199
5. Tan leather strap watch, $39
6. Olivia Burton big dial black and rose gold watch, $159
7. ‘Turtle twist brasco chrono’ watch, $299

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Every girl needs a colourful multi-purpose watch in her accessory collection. Great for casual outings, hanging out in the park, strolls along the beach and when you hit the gym.

1. Lambretta ‘cielo’ white leather watch, $99.50
2. ‘Pacific’ watch, $39
3. Coral rubber ‘lomin’ watch, $219
4. ‘Pulse’ watch in blue, $29.95
5. ‘Roam elite’ watch in lime, $14.98
6. ‘Take time’ watch in various colours, $79.95
7. Pink ‘arc’ watch, $49.99

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