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If you’re a jewellery lover, you’ll have serious job-envy when you meet Pascale Helyar-Moray, founder of StyleRocks. The mother of two gave up her job as a financial services marketer to turn her passion for jewellery into a successful online business. Now, (only 3 years later) she spends her days designing diamond, sapphire and emerald jewellery for a living! We chatted to her about how this beautiful brand came to life.

Style Rocks

Style Rocks Pascale portrait
StyleRock’s Pascale Helyar-Moray

How did StyleRocks get started?
As a new mother to twins, I was unable to go to the shops and after searching the internet, I still couldn’t find any jewellery that was right for me. So, I hit upon the idea of offering customising jewellery online. I took my business plan to an Australian jewellery manufacturer, they loved it and StyleRocks was born!

What is the best part of your job?
It’s definitely hearing customer feedback – our customers tell us that we’re Tiffany quality, at Michael Hill prices – that’s a great result for everyone.

Talk us through the creation of your jewellery…
Every piece has a different journey, depending on its components. Generally speaking, the order is placed online and goes straight through to the Australian jewellery manufacturer. The mould is cast in a vat of liquid metal, whether it’s silver, gold or platinum. When the metal has hardened, the piece is cleaned, stamped, polished, and sometimes set with a gemstone using the best setters available. The final piece is checked for quality control, packaged beautifully and sent to your waiting hands, within 3 weeks.

What is your favourite StyleRocks piece and why?
My favourite StyleRocks piece (at the moment!) is the ‘cushion checkerboard blue topaz sterling silver ring’. The facets on it catch the light beautifully; I’ve had so many people grab my hand while wearing it and exclaim ‘WHERE did you get this ring?’ It looks far more expensive than its $565 price tag.

Describe StyleRocks in 5 words or less…
Customisable fine jewellery online.

Any advice for emerging designers?
You have to believe in your dreams, even when others don’t. People will catch up eventually!

Shop the full StyleRocks collection here.

Style Rocks necklaces
From left to right: Black drop pearl with sterling silver necklace, $188.95. Amethyst sterling silver pendant, $334.95. ‘Rose’ pendant, $179.95
Style Rocks earrings
From left to right: Emerald sterling silver stud earrings, $271.95. Pink sapphire square gemstone earrings, $298.95. White pearl 9ct yellow gold stud earrings, $140.95
Style Rocks bracelets
Left to right: Yellow gold bead bracelet, $635.95. Rose gold bangle, $399.95. Black pearl bracelet sterling silver clasp, $164.95
Style Rocks rings
Left to right: Amethyst sterling silver ring, $756.95. Diamond ‘eternity’ ring in 9 carat white gold, $2,499.95. Chunky 9 carat rose gold ring, $599.95


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