Style and storage tips for space-challenged homes

small spaces

Modern living often means having to downsize, but that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style! Check out our clever design and storage ideas, to make the most of any small space.

Vertical space

Walls aren’t just for paint – cool hooks, floating shelves and wall-mounted wine racks are both practical and provide a great visual feature. And if you don’t have a balcony, hanging plants will add a lovely lush vibe to your kitchen (and flavour to your cooking!).

Smart storage and duel-purpose furniture

In a small space, you’ll need to limit your furniture and ornaments, so choose pieces with more than one purpose. An ottoman, for example, is a chic yet versatile piece that can double as a side table or extra chair – some even have lids to allow for secret storage! Look for storage solutions you can proudly have on display, such as vintage wooden crates or ornamental jars. Felt hanging bags are also a storage-savvy addition as they’re great for knicks-knacks and can be easily folded away when you don’t need them.

Clever design

Light and neutral wall colouring is an easy way to give the impression of large flowing spaces. Mirrors are also a great way to bounce light and make a room appear larger (or even give the illusion of other rooms). If you live in a studio, use rugs and bookshelves to visually separate living spaces without blocking off the room, plus they’re easily moved when you feel like redecorating!

Make the most of vertical space

small spaces_maximising vertical space

1. ‘Tree’ coat hanger wall decal, let your coats hang and decorate a wall $98
2. ‘Wall of frames’ pack, group different shapes and sizes together like a puzzle  $175
3. ‘Zero caddy’ single shower shelf $99
4. Tea light ‘hanging skull’, combine mood lighting with quirky hanging objects $49.95
5. Porcelain & leather hanging ‘planter’, great for herbs in the kitchen $75
6. Carillo round mirror in black, an easy way to bounce light around a room $570
7. ‘Circle shelf’ (two shelves) $400
8. ‘Dial’ hanger, hooks for hanging plus a cool wall feature $35 each
9. ‘Wine wall’ $165

Smart storage solutions

small spaces_smart storage solutions

1. Large stacking baskets (set of 3) $89.95
2. Wooden storage box, a vintage-style storage crate you won’t need to hide away $115
3. Handmade Moroccan ottoman $199.99
4. Kitchen sink caddy, for homes with little bench space $65
5. Bag2Bed, put your feet up or pop it out as a bed for unexpected sleepovers  $429
6. ‘Peacock party’ linen ottoman, also great as a side table $349
7. ‘Hanging organiser’ five piece set, maximise your wardrobe space $84.95
8. ‘Soho’ spices board, free up limited pantry space by keeping your spices on the fridge $175
9. Ceramic ‘pineapple’ jar $79.95

Small spaces for little people – great ideas for kids’ rooms

Small spaces for small people

1. Shatterproof ‘fox family of three’ mirrors, $80
2. ‘Tidy books’ bookcase, with easy-access for little people, $299.99
3. ‘Heart’ shelf in mint, $290
4. Felt storage tubs, fold and pack them away when you don’t need them, $34.95 each
5. Nest-weave ‘awning’ stripe rug, $570
6. Soft-storage bags, $34.95 each
7. HABA indoor hanging tent, great for rainy days and easy to pack-away! $429.95
8. ‘Scoop’ bunk bed, leaves extra floor space for activities, $3,250
9. ‘Forget me not’ magnetic notice board, with useful hooks for hanging bags, $129.99

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