Decorating the Christmas tree: 3 great looks!

Do you have a special tradition for decorating the Christmas tree? Is it a whole family event, where the kids hang homemade decorations? Or is it a quieter affair done with your newly bought baubles and glass of wine in hand? At hardtofind. HQ, we’re skipping the pine tree in favour of a wool-wrapped wire tree and just a few beautiful ceramic ornaments hung on its branches. However you decide to decorate, there are few simple guidelines which will ensure tree-trimming success:

  1. Start with the lights, wrapping them around every main branch from the lowest branches up and back down again.
  2. Arrange garlands in evenly spaced places all over the tree.
  3. Place Christmas baubles and decorations around the tree. You can go for a more traditional palette of red and green or a more contemporary colour palette of silvers, whites and neutrals. Check out our decorating ideas below!

Trim the tree_traditional

We love the smell of pine, but if you suffer from hayfever (or just hate the mess of a real tree), there are loads of great alternatives. A traditional colour scheme of red and green will still give any tree an unmistakeable Christmassy feel.

1. ‘Classic red’ 35-piece Christmas decoration pack, $24.43
2. Set of 4 apple decorations in ‘pistachio’, $17.95
3. ‘Iconic Melbourne’ Christmas decorations, $38
4. Small dove decorations (pack of 6), $69.95
5. ‘Red owl’ decoration, $10
6. Eco cotton decorations, $9 each
7. Caravan decoration, $22.95
8. Red Christmas bauble decoration, $12
9. Felt ball garland, $39.95
10. Woollen Christmas tree with a twist in ‘natural jute’, $155


Trim the tree White Christmas

After a more grown-up look? White is a festive season classic, but you can easily give it a modern twist with a few wooden ornaments. A wooden tree (sans greenery) also looks great in any space and you can use them year after year!

1. Anne Black 6-piece porcelain decoration set, $55
2. ‘Snowflake’ porcelain Christmas balls by Anne Black (set of 4), $80
3. ‘White bear with candy cane’ decoration, $10
4. ‘Wooden reindeer’ decoration, $12
5. Small Christmas decoration 13′, $14.95
6. Small Christmas decoration 18′, $14.95
7. ‘Knots’ decoration, $22
8. Set of 3 ‘love dove’ decorations, $35.88
9. Wooden ‘pear’ tree, $120
10. Small Christmas decoration 10′, $14.95


Trim the tree_decals

If you like the idea of a Christmas tree but don’t have the space (or the time) for one, you can opt for the cheat’s route with a stylish wall decal. You can set them up in no time and they take up nearly no storage space when you pack them up for next year!

1. ‘Baubles’ large Christmas tree wall decal, $88
2. Window-sized Christmas tree wall decal, $23.96
3. ‘Christmas tree 2’ wall decal, $55
4. ‘The skandi’ 3D Christmas tree wall decal with lights & baubles, $164.99

Need more inspiration? Shop our Christmas tree decoration collection here.

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