Ultimate mum to be gift pack


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Refining facial creme cleanser 100ml;
Antioxidant-enriched hydrating mist 100ml:
Recovery eye creme 20g;
Aqua regenerating serum 40ml;
Moisturising lotion 50g;
Night reparative creme 50g.


All Mum To Be TM products are formulated using the purest bioactive botanical extracts, based on the wisdom and expertise of our team of botanists, laboratory experts, micro-biologists and dermatologists. For the utmost safety, we guarantee that Mum To Be TM products contain:
- No petrochemicals
- No artificial fragrances
- No mineral oils
- No animal derived ingredients
- No parabens
- No propylene glycol
- No sulphates
- No sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS)
- No sodium laureth sulphate (SLES)

Care instructions:

Once opened, please finish it within 6 months.


This gift pack provides you a comprehensive and breezy experiences in total luxury!

Refining facial creme cleanser - a hydrating and penetrating balanced cleanser enriched with jojoba extract to intensely hydrate dry skin and effectively remove dirts, grease and impurities. This gentle and vitamin-filled formula also helps minimise surface oil build-up and exfoliate acne prone skin.

Antioxidant-enriched hydrating mist - an antioxidant-enriched mist to balance and refine skin's tone and texture and help hydrate skin. Featuring with vitamin C and antioxidant enriched Australian-native desert lime, this gentle and soothing formula helps rejuvenate the skin, revitalise tissue and keep the skin intensively moisturised, silky soft and supple to the touch.

Recovery eye creme - a moisturising and nourishing eye treatment that reduces the signs of fatigue, dark circles and pigmentation. Featuring Australian-native wild rosella extract, this formulation is enriched with collagen making vitamins and antioxidant to hydrate skin and minimise appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Aqua regenerating serum - an antioxidant-enriched and replenishing serum designed to help improve skin tone, texture and clarity. Formulated with vitamins A, B, C and E and amino acid riched Tasmanian Kelp, collected from the cool temperate waters of Bass Strait, this serum helps reduce the visible signs of premature ageing, smooth the appearance of fine lines, nourish and stimulate the microcirculation in the skin under layers.

Moisturising lotion - A super hydrating lightweight lotion to refresh, nourish and moisturise sensitive, dry and normal skin. Formulated with Australian-native Macadamia extract, enriched with vitamin C and essential fatty acids, this lotion offers deeply penetrating hydration and replenishment that softens and soothes skin and forms a natural barrier to protect from environmental aggressors.

Night reparative creme - a naturally gentle and rejuvenating night cream formulated to moisturise sensitive, dry and normal skin overnight and preserve skin's tone and elasticity. Featuring Australian-native Kakadu plum extract, this formulation is enriched with vitamins, proline and amino acid to hydrate skin, minimise appearance of dark spots and discolouration and improve skin radiance.

All our products are made purely from plant extracts and vitamin-enriched natural ingredients, designed to simulate blood circulation, reduce inflammation and hyper-pigmentation, restore skin texture and revitalise cell elasticity.


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