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Gotrovo is new to Australia, so we don't yet have the benefit of reviews. But in the UK, it carries amazing 5-star ratings. To quote some of our most recent reviewers:

A perfect game for summer holidays! Good clues, simple to understand but not too easy for younger ones. Pictures supplied for those struggling with text. children loved collecting the gold coins and a simple treasure was made exciting by the gold bar supplied. Spare blank cards give a means to extending the hunt if needed by making up your own clues. (17 July 2016)

Fabulous family fun. Our game was delivered last Friday, and the kids were at me constantly to make a treasure hunt. On the Sunday we finally opened the box and the kids spent a fun hour sorting all the cards out and putting the sticky dots on the cards.

Then they set me a 10 carder which saw me having to climb the stairs and then come back down again 5 times! (my kids are really evil sometimes) After about 10 minutes I found my treasure (a chocolate bar - woohoo(not included in the game, they stole it from my stash)).

I then got to set them a challenge (a 20-carder) - I can be evil too mwahahahaha

What a fabulous couple of hours we had. My 10 year old loved setting the treasure hunts, my 5 year old loved helping me to follow the clues.
My husband joined in too. Thats the beauty of this game, it really does have something for all ages. (5 Nov 2015)

Wow my 5 year old loves treasure hunts and this product is brilliant. The game is very well thought out and there are lots of different ways we can play it. We used really chocolate coins as well as the plastic ones provided. Its great that this game will grow with her as she gets older and her younger brother can also join in the fun!! Plus this game can be used inside or out so finding something to do on rainy days are a thing of the past. Brilliant. (14 Nov 2015)


Double-sided treasure map: made from durable plastic (PP: similar to a dinner/place mat). Each side features a different scene to appeal to both girls and boys.
170 reusable clue cards (including 20 seasonally-themed clues for Christmas and Easter hunts). Clues feature picture, word, riddle, role-play and blank (wipe clean) cards for you to make up your own riddles. Material: cardboard, with slight water-resistant coating to resist damp (note: not waterproof)
Golden treasure bar: strong cardboard and golden laminated coating, embossed with the Gotrovo logo. Opens up to allow additional treasure to be hidden inside: low-strength magnetic closure.
Golden coins: plastic (PS) with shiny gold coating and Gotrovo branding. 36mm diameter to exceed small parts cylinder
Loot bag: red satin with Gotrovo emblem
Velcro dots to stick clues to treasure map

Clue cards are colour coded to indicate use - indoor/outdoor/both/role-play/expansion set
Note: Expansion pack may come packaged within the main Gotrovo boxing.

Material for Gotrovo Mini: reusable cardboard clues, paper stickers, and PVC carry bag.

Care instructions & Dimensions:

Suitable for ages 3+. We recommend playing under adult supervision.

If playing cards become slightly damp, allow them to dry out after use. Do not leave them in water/wet areas - if playing in wet conditions place each card within a clear plastic food bag.

Treasure map needs to be unrolled and placed under heavy books to reduce curvature before first use.

Once the Velcro has been applied to the clue cards, the golden treasure box is designed to hold all of the clue cards when the game is not in use.

Product dimensions for Gotrovo Bumper Edition: 29 x 6.5 x 22 cm
Product dimensions for Gotrovo Mini 5 unit multibuy: 23.4 x 14.8 x 16.2 cm


Gotrovo is the treasure hunt game that gets children moving and expands their imagination. So how can it be used?

Firstly, the seasonal riddles in the expansion pack will make for a magical treasure hunt on Christmas or Easter morning. Just imagine their excitement as they follow the clues and collect their gifts or eggs. But Gotrovo is intended for use all year round, and grows and adapts with your child with the different types of clues available in the pack (170 in all in this bumper value set). So here are some more ideas for how you can use Gotrovo:

As a fantastic, economical party entertainment option, rounded off with your Gotrovo Minis as a take-home party bag.

For playdates, quality 1-2-1 time, fun with siblings, parents or grandparents whatever the weather.

As a unique and memorable gift. The Gotrovo Mini selection is perfect for Secret Santas, as a stocking filler (only one per family required), or as unique and economical gift to friends and family

As a learning tool: children learn while having fun - and with Gotrovo they are having so MUCH fun they aren't even aware of the educational aspects! This game enhances literacy, communication and language development, physical development, problem solving, team work, expressive arts, motor skills, logic and directional language. Gotrovo is used in schools, pre-schools and nurseries and also in speech therapy.


This is the bumper value version of our 5-star rated Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game. Same great game, but with an expansion pack featuring an additional 70 riddle clue cards (thats 170 clue cards in all!) to continue to fox your intrepid treasure hunters. There are more than enough clues here to run treasure hunts for a birthday party - you could even operate a team race and see who gets to the treasure first!

What's more, with this bundle you get 5 Mini treasure hunt games to use as take-home gifts. You only need one per family attending the party. A perfect pirate themed party adventure! And if you get in touch with us after your order through your Hard to Find account, we'll be happy to send you a free ebook giving you ideas on how to make the most of Gotrovo at parties! (And if you really wanted to go the whole distance, you could buy our treasure hunting themed dinner set - Gotrovo Mealtime treasure hunt - for the party tea!)

Your treasure awaits, come seek, come find. Follow the clues, don't get left behind!

Gotrovo treasure hunt game was designed and created in the UK by two mums, who between them have 7 little children! Having spent many an hour creating treasure hunts to amuse their growing families, they decided to take things a step further and launch Gotrovo. This is a high quality set, made to last, and to grow and adapt with your child(ren), designed with an artisanal, non-mass manufactured feel. Whatever the ages and gender of your children, this game provides true family fun which you can all enjoy together.

Gotrovo uses pictures, words, riddles and role play clues to lay a treasure trail. Players collect the clues and fix them to the treasure map as they go, at the same time collecting the Gotrovo gold coins in a loot bag. The game ends when the players solve the final clue which leads them to the golden treasure bar. (Theres room inside the gold bar to add a treat too as an extra prize.) So come on...Solve the clues, follow the trail, find the hidden treasure!


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Ships from Northampton, United Kingdom.

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Ships from Northampton, United Kingdom.

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