Maybe you’ve caught yourself standing at the Coles checkout thinking, ‘I really should use fewer plastic bags.’ Or maybe you’ve been at the barista and felt a twinge of guilt about all those non-recyclable coffee cups. If you put those thoughts in the Too Hard Basket (because busy and because life), you are not alone, my friend. Which is why we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite eco-friendly hardtofind buys (that’ll help you keep those disposable bags and cups to a minimum) and made them, well, easy to find…


LOQI Reusable Bag Fruitti Collection: These reusable shoppers are super-light (you’ll hardly notice the 55g in your handbag), made from water-resistant polyester, feature a handy inside pocket, fold up into a compact pouch, and can hold up to 20kg! Now, that’s a lot of apples and oranges…


Reusable Glass Cup (Various Colours): Made from high-quality borosilicate glass, this reusable coffee cup is lightweight and thermal shock resistant (so it won’t crack when you order your flat white ‘EXTRA HOT’). It’s also wrapped in a silicone sleeve to keep your bevvie at optimal temps and protect your mitts. But the real selling point? It’s dishwasher and microwave safe.


Brown Paper Bag Insulated Lunch Bag: It looks and feels like a retro brown paper bag on the outside, but inside this clever lunch bag is lined with leak-proof isotherm composite of aluminium and foam to keep your food hot or chilled.


Frank Green Smart Cup (Various Colours and Sizes): This BPA-free and non-toxic thermo plastic cup might even be clever than you pre-caffeine-fix! With a one-handed push button to open the spill-resistant lid, it’s made for drinking on the go. And it’s fitted out with a CafePay device that allows you to pay for your coffee with your cup. No juggling your wallet required.


Groceries and Gin’ Tote Bag: Made from 100% recycled cotton, this cheeky tote bag is a great alternative to plastic for transporting your groceries (and sneaky bottle shop buys!). It doubles as a great conversation starter at the checkout.


S’well Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle (Various Colours): These thermo bottles are designed to keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot ones hot for 12 – and they look great doing it! The bottle fits in a standard-size cup holder (phew!) and has a mouth wide enough for ice-cubes (v handy for summer!) – plus, the water won’t bead on outside, so your hands and bags stay dry.


PS. How to style your reusable napkins and brew your own perfect cuppa.