As the folks at Winterfell would say, ‘winter is coming’. And with it, a complete lack of desire to leave the house. Here at hardtofind, one of our favourite winter activities is cancelling plans – so we’ve decided to embrace the JOMO. There’s an art to it and we’ve got it down…


Pull out the wine and cheese

Or whatever food it is that makes your heart sing. If you’re going to pass on a dining-out experience, you’re gonna want to make your eating-in experience extra special. Two rules we generally like to follow: 1) Calories don’t count if you’re not going out, and 2) Keep dishes to a minimum, because nothing ruins JOMO quite like washing-up duties. (In case you were looking for permission to eat your Ben & Jerry’s straight from the tub…)


Amp up your Netflix queue

If you’re planning a hot night of Netflix and (literal) chill, here’s what you don’t want to happen: You sit down, candles burning, food and booze at the ready, and you start scrolling. Fast forward an hour and 45 minutes and you’ve watched the first 4 minutes of a cooking documentary, countless TV previews and scrolled the entire Netflix library. And now you’re ready for bed. That’s not joy, people – don’t let that happen to you. Fill your queue.


Treat yo’self to something fancy

Think of all the $$ you’re saving by not paying for annoying things like club entry and overpriced cocktails and Uber fares. Obviously it’s good to save some of that dough (look at us, Captain Responsible!), but it can also help max your JOMO if you splurge a little on your night-in. Crack the spine on a fresh novel (you crazy kid!), download a new album from iTunes or splurge on a Korean sheet mask… Whatever makes you feel like a million dollars, do that.


Put the phone down

Unless you’re going to call your mum or post an Insta story of your night-in (you know, to give everyone FOMO of your JOMO), it’s wise not to spend your whole night sitting on the couch, flicking through photos of what everyone else is up to. That’s wasted JOMO time. Instead focus on you and what you want. Even if what you want is to yell at your neighbours, who are blasting Bieber, to ‘TURN IT DOWN!’ – because it’s 9.10pm and you want to go to sleep.


PS. Possible JOMO outfit and as seen on TV.