If you’ve seen our new Mother’s Day catalogue, you would have seen (among pages and pages of great gifts for mum) some v. pretty paper flowers. Well here’s the good news: You can make those flowers yourself. We did! Grab a pair of scissors and a hot glue gun, and follow our steps to create gorgeous paper blooms that you can use to pimp up your wrapping, as a table centrepiece or attached to the wall for a beautiful 3D mural.



You’ll need…

  • scissors
  • pencil
  • hot glue gun
  • 4 sheets of A4 coloured craft paper + 1 extra for the stamen
  • 2 bulldog clips
  • the hardtofind paper flower template


Step 1: Cut out the flower and stamen from the template.

Step 3: Using your bulldog clips, stack the 4 sheets of paper together, then trace around your flower on the top half of the A4 page.


Step 4: Trace the flower again on bottom half of paper.

Step 5: Trace stamen onto another piece of paper (you might want to use a different colour).


Step 6: Cut on the dotted lines on the petals and stamen. Use the bulldog clips to do a stack of flowers at a time.


Step 7: Lay your flowers and stamen out, you should have 8 flowers and one stamen.


Step 8: Using you pencil, curl and mould the edges of the petals so that they curl. Curl your stamen up and fan the fronds out a little.


Step 9: Put a blob of hot glue on the base of your stamen to hold it in place and to also attach it to one flower.

Step 10: Place a small blob of hot glue on another flower and carefully stick it to the centre of your first flower with stamen.


Step 11: Repeat until you’ve attached all 8 flowers together to create your bloom. You can make these flowers in varying sizes by reducing or enlarging the template.